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The Suspension Research

A novel patented suspension concept has been developed to control a mountain rescue vehicle under heavy off-road conditions most effectively. The passively acting suspension induces adapted restoring forces to any arbitrary motion of all four wheels. An uncommon huge wheel travel is realised, while at the same time the chassis motion is well controlled. First the fundamental theory of the suspension, which is based on a so called Mass Allocation Character Approach, is presented. Each induced restoring force, which is applied by a spring or damper element, exclusively acts against one kinetic mode of the whole suspension. The kinetic modes coincidence with the mass balanced motions of the mass system and represent a maximum, minimum or a saddle point of the kinetic energy. Conventional separately acting spring or damper elements on only one or two wheels are strictly avoided. Due to the special activation concept of spring and damper elements it is possible to achieve a maximum of the potential energy as well the dissipation function exactly in each critical mode of vibration. Because of this approach an energy transfer between different modes of vibration is prevented. The whole system is fully decoupled and a tuning of each mode of vibration is enabled without any compromises. The suspension design of the mountain rescue vehicle, which is presented in detail, enables a passive exchange of the information about the pure heave and roll position of one axle to the other. Spring and damper elements are exclusively activated by hydraulic lines. The warp mode is designed to be free aside from a light induced damping and so the maximum wheel-road contact is realised on every terrain. Finally the importance of the presented approach will be discussed by comparison with conventional suspension design concepts.

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blog article

The Mountain Rescue Vehicle

Some informations about the heavy off-road vehicle will appear here soon...

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